Manage Networked Devices From Anywhere

Manage Networked Devices From Anywhere

Networking Across the Internet is Hard

Getting to the Internet has become fundamental, but being able to get back through the Internet to manage devices remains a black art, which is getting harder with increasingly complex network setups and often impossible if the connection is through cellular. Weaved lets you manage networked devices anywhere with with advanced software-only networking technology that allows any networked device to become immediately available to you to administer from anywhere.

• No port forwarding or complex network setup
• Works with any device that ‘talks’ TCP/IP
• Works with all popular protocols and services: SSH, VNC, RDP, Rsync
• No on premise hardware or setup required, software only solution
• On demand firewall and VPN services

Access Behind Firewalls and NATs

Equipment in the field is often behind an unmanaged or 3rd party Internet connection, eliminating the option to have the network setup for remote access. More recently Internet connections are provided by a mobile/LTE connection, without a public IP address, making access fundamentally impossible. Whether you have either of these situations, or a complex multi NAT environment, dropping the 200kB Weaved code onto your device will make it easily and securely available for you to access and manage.

Your Device, Your Tools

Weaved is an advanced firewall and VPN solution, that provides a direct secure tunnel connection, that talks TCP/IP.  Because of this standard interface, remote administration is just like you’re directly on the machine.  Use SSH? Just connect.  VNC or RDP, just use those applications. Think of Weaved as a plug-in for all the services on your remote device, that allows each of them to be directly available to you from anywhere.


Work Is Anywhere

That late night alert notifying you of an issue?  Call from team members telling you of a system problem?  No need to find your car keys, because a connection to your device is just a click away. Weaved’s cloud service makes your devices available to you 24×7 from any Internet connected device, even your smart phone.

Truck rolls will soon mean as much to you as a VHS cassette deck.

Networking Reinvented

Access to the Internet is ubiquitous, but as easy it is to get connected, it’s equally difficult to get back into a private network to manage devices. Unfortunately the $60B VPN (Virtual Private Network) industry has not evolved with the rapidly changing demand and complexity to solve this problem. Weaved, a Palo Alto start-up founded by experts in TCP/IP the protocols that power the Internet, has created the solution, in a fundamental software-only solution that makes securely accessing any device behind any firewall or private NAT as easy as clicking on a bookmark.

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